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Teamwork on prestige projects means twice the talent. Given the scope of the new 1 Yonge complex (go here for the latest) at Queens Quay in the waterfront district, it is clear that a multitude of brain power is at work. The mixed-use planned community, consisting of several soaring towers, a hotel, and ample retail space, is in pre-construction until completion in 2020. In the interim, Pinnacle International developers and the firm of Hairiri Pontini architects is fast at work on location and design planning for the prestige residential/commercial amalgam, laden with amenities and user options. The conversion of the 25-story Toronto Star building with the addition of ten new floors is an important part of the vast project. Experience with luxury urban high rises is the forte of both members of the creative team who have made their individual marks throughout the city, helping to change the skyline for the better.  Pinnacle’s Success Tower and 33 Bay St. Condos are a clear testament to the values of quality and innovation that are hallmarks of its mission. Other structures such as Pinnacle Uptown, Amber Condos, Crystal at Pinnacle Uptown, and Perla Towers are an additional smattering of examples of local work. Pinnacle International is clearly one of the leading developers in Toronto, if not the entire country. From their headquarters in Vancouver, where there projects number almost 25, they have extended their reach with an assortment of ultramodern towers, hotels, and commercial spaces extending all the way down to San Diego, California. For over thirty years, they have transformed neighborhoods with their farsighted innovation.

Working with the award-winning Hairiri Pontarini team, Pinnacle soars to new heights, literally and figuratively, in the Harbourfront area, which is now home to one of their most impressive projects. The materials of glass, concrete, and steel are beautifully melded in a façade design that bequeaths grace and beauty to the neighborhood. Meeting residents’ expectations while adhering to the local ordinances and restrictions has been no problem. The Prestige architects and builder can meet any challenge. Vast experience speaks when creativity is required.

Working together has been a blessing for the city of Toronto as the recipient of sprawling complex, where the horizontal orientation takes charge as the slender towers reach the sky. The priority of city and lake views is built into the concept.  It is truly a collaboration made in heaven that will dwell in the annals of successful urban projects.  

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